Pricing is based upon time it takes to groom your pet or pets.

For example: Our base price starts at 65.00 for a one hour groom for one pet. However, a medium size or larger pet will take more than one hour and the price would be adjusted accordingly. (Which includes hand scissoring, bathing, ear cleaning)

The size of your pet, condition of coat, whether a current customer (we’d be familiar with your pet and previous care) would help us determine pricing. Visiting with you when we set the appointment, will determine the time needed, services you want, questions answered, all of which will insure that for us “going to the dogs” is the only way to go for you.

Super sudsy hydro massage, teeth brushing, aromas, and de-matting are examples of extras.

Stress free environment
No longer worry about your pet’s separation anxiety
Your pet stays at home
Standing appointment Your pet will be groomed on a regular basis
One-on-One personal service for you and your pet Get the personal attention you and your pet deserve
One to two hour service at your home You do not have to waste your day with 2-4 trips to the salon
Your pet is never put in a crate Don’t worry about your pet’s comfort
Fluff drying for lasting beauty-No cage drying Your pet receives healthy treatment with a premium on their safety
If you have an older or disabled pet Your pet is at home-No trip
Hand scissoring and groomed to breed standard Quality is the priority not quantity
Clean, sanitary, professional environment Keeps your pet safe and healthy, Take a look
Temperature controlled water
Pampered in luxury
Eliminates exposure to other animals (their diseases and parasites) Your pet remains in good health
Eliminates car transportation
Don’t worry about car damage or messes
AM and PM appointments at your home or office It just doesn’t get any better than that